Zoia Pavlenko: 25% of Canadians are ready to pay more for environmentally-friendly goods

Canada-Ukraine Trade and Investment Support project environmental expert Zoia Pavlenko talked to the First Business Channel about the main environmental stereotypes Ukrainian businesses have and described the prospects for Ukrainian environmentally-friendly products exporters on the international markets.

Main highlights:

“The very notion of “ecological goods” is completely meaningless. Environmental protection is not about the quality of the consumer goods, it affects the environment on three stages: production, operation and utilization.”

“The more GDP per capita is, the greater is the demand for environmentally-friendly goods. Europe, the US and Canada have higher GDP and, consequently, demand for these products there is higher.”

“Organic goods market in Canada is about $ 5 billion, 60% of Canadians surveyed say they are ready to buy products that are manufactured without risks to the environment, and 25% of consumers are willing to pay more for them.”

See the full interview below (in Ukrainian):