Export support program U CAN Export

Updated! Deadline extended until July, 23, 2017.

We are glad to announce a call for Ukrainian small and medium businesses to enter the Canada-Ukraine export support program U CAN Export in the priority sectors:

  1. IT Services
  2. clothing
  3. shoes
  4. furniture
  5. chocolate and confectionery

Priorities were identified as a result of a thorough analysis of the Canadian and Ukrainian markets – more at: https://www.cutisproject.org/en/news/five-priorities/

Export Support Program will be implemented by CUTIS project in partnership with the Ministry of economic development and trade Export Promotion Office. It is designed for three years and has several levels:

  • comprehensive – for a limited number of small and medium businesses, most promising and ready for export;
  • educational/consultational – for other companies in priority sectors, interested in entering the Canadian market;
  • іnformational – for a wide range of companies interested in the Canadian market;

Сomprehensive level will include the following activities:

  • Co-financing participating in specialized exhibitions and other marketing activities in Canada and the US
  • Individual consulting and support from experienced industry consultants from Canada and Ukraine on accessing and promoting your goods/services on the Canadian market
  • Organization of business meetings with potential customers in Canada
  • Organizing trade missions to Canada and co-financing businesses’ participation in those
  • Access to educational programs and materials

To enter the selection companies must meet the following requirements:

  1. Be registered in Ukraine, and not be in a state of bankruptcy or liquidation
  2. Be a manufacturer of clothing, shoes, furniture, chocolate and confectionery or provider of IT services
  3. To have up to 500 officially registered workers
  4. Have experience in exporting/supplying products to retailers (no minimum volume limits) OR domestic sales of over 5 million hryvnias a year
  5. The share of Ukraine ultimate beneficial owners of the enterprise must be more than 50%
  6. Be prepared to co-finance the costs of participation in exhibitions, trade missions and other marketing activities in Canada or the US
  7. Fluent in English to communicate with customers, partners, consultants in Canada or the US

Women-owned or managed enterprises are encouraged to participate. Applications of such companies will be prioritized as CUTIS project aims to achieve gender balance among owners and managers participating in the export support program.

Companies that meet the above criteria and wish to enter the U CAN Export export support program must complete an application form at: http://bit.ly/UCANexport. Applications will be accepted until July 23rd.

We will continue to cooperate with all the proactive companies that are willing to work systematically on accessing the Canadian market. To reach us e-mail: office@cutisproject1.ubmdelta.com