Announcement: Five priorities to increase Ukrainian exports to Canada

We have important news! The selection of five priorities to increase Ukrainian exports to Canada in accordance with the Export Strategy of Ukraine is completed.

The final five includes:

  1. IT services;
  2. clothing;
  3. shoes;
  4. furniture;
  5. chocolate and confectionery.
The selection of priorities was carried out in two stages. In the first phase, we analyzed Canada-Ukraine trade statistics and selected 10 sectors with the greatest potential for exports to Canada.

In the second phase, we conducted a thorough investigation of these sectors, including through the survey of 300 Canadian and Ukrainian companies. Priorities have been chosen according to the following criteria: growth potential on the global and Canadian market, market access to Canada, Ukrainian production and export potential of small and medium-sized businesses, the impact on gender equality and the environment.

Soon we will announce a competitive selection of companies in the five priority areas for the program to support exports, implemented in partnership with the Export Promotion Office (EPO). The program will include several levels of participation and will help Ukrainian businesses to develop their export capacity to Canada. All the details will be available shortly.

Thank you for interest in exporting to Canada. Lots of challenges, but even more opportunities on the Canadian market are ahead. You can always contact us at: